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Student sells eggs at a stand to adults
Global Outcomes: Deepening Learning

Fifth grade students participated in a market day, incorporating their classroom economy with goods and services designed especially for their peers and parents. They developed a business plan and then created a store to sell their wares.  Koral Spencer sold eggs from her family's chickens at market day. 

Market day touched on most of the global outcomes, depending on the focus the students chose.  As fifth grade teacher Katherine Dumont said, "[Market day] is loaded with global outcomes!" 

Learn more about GOs in EPSD HERE.

Gratitude: Where the Shift Begins

Students in Ali Reitenbach's third grade class say, "THANK YOU!" by creating and delivering cards for staff in the elementary school to share their gratitude. Learn more about how gratitude is being celebrated across the district HERE.

Fifth-grade students speak at a town board meeting
JBNN Town Board presentation

Polly Greenblatt and her 5th-grade students present at the Town Board Meeting on Monday. Fifth-grade students produce and star in newscasts through the Junior Bobcat News Network (JBNN). Check them out on the District YouTube channel.

Families shop at a book fair in a library
It's Book Fair Time!

EPES hosted its annual fall book fair this week! Families, students, and staff all look forward to this fun event that highlights literacy and provides funds to support the elementary school library.

Students watch as ranger demonstrates how to read a thermometer
Extending the Classroom

During the first weeks of school, grades K-5 embarked on an educational journey to Rocky Mountain National Park. The park's rangers facilitated a series of engaging activities, providing students with hands-on experiences that integrated with their grade-level curriculum from interactive lessons on local flora and fauna to real-life sessions on geological formations. This experience not only deepened their appreciation for the natural world but also reinforced key concepts from their grade-specific curriculum.

Here, third graders learn about measuring wind with a RMNP Ranger. 

Group of children smile and wave
New Bobcats

Mrs. Leija's kindergarteners love learning! After two weeks in the classroom, they are feeling confident with new routines, excited about new friendships, and eager to learn! 

Teacher reads a book with a group of students
Welcome to EPES!

Students are the center of all we do at EPES!

We are the future! Learning today, leading tomorrow.

Four students drive robots on a raised field
Robotics takes on the world!

Two EPES Robotics teams competed at the World Robotics Championships in Dallas, Texas, last May.

There are more than 10 clubs for students to participate in at the elementary level.

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Woman with ukulele walks through rows of young students
Author Visit

Author Yuyi Morales visited EPES in the spring. The Estes Valley Library, the Estes Park Woman's Club, and other sponsors bring at least one author to visit Estes Park Schools each year.

Learn More about EPSD's partnership with the Estes Valley Library

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