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Procedures for arrival/dismissal are in place to provide the highest level of safety for our students.

Vehicle Pick Up

Every family will be issued an iDismiss number and 2 tags for student pickup. Please display the number prominently in your vehicle.

When you come to school to pick up your student, a staff member will enter your number into the system.  This will alert the classroom that your student should be released. Please wait in your car for your student to come out of the building.

Please do not line up in front of the building before your student's pick up time.

Grade Pick up time Pick up location
K-1 3:10 pm Community Center Parking Lot
2 3:10 pm Drive through in front of building
3 3:20 pm Drive through in front of building
4 3:20 pm Drive through in front of building
5 3:20 pm Back side of building by 5th grade

Pick Up During the School Day

If you need to pick up your student during the school day, come into the office and sign your student out. The office will locate your student and call them from class.  Please allow 15-20 minutes when picking up a student from school; if the student is at a specials class, lunch, or recess, getting them back to their classroom and ready to go can take a few minutes! We cannot call your student from class until they are signed out by an adult that is on their contacts list.

**The end of the school day is a busy time in the front office. In order to support classrooms and get all students where they need to go, students cannot be released through the office after 2:45 pm. So please plan accordingly.**

Vehicle Drop Off

First drop off: Supervision begins on Bobcat Den (K-2) or Blacktop (3-5)
Breakfast is served in the cafeteria
7:40 am
First bell: Students may go to classrooms 8:00 am
Tardy bell: Students dropped off after 8:10 must be signed in by an adult in the office 8:10 am
Students arriving after 8:30 need to be escorted to the office for sign-in by their adult 8:30 am

Between 8:00 and 8:10, drop your student off at the same door where you pick them up. If you are dropping them off between 7:45 and 8:00 am, they should go directly to Bobcat Den/Blacktop or to breakfast.

Bus Riders

If you need assistance with bus routes, please contact Delle Riffle at the transportation office 970-577-0211 ext. 3402

Students must ride their assigned bus.

Learn about bus riding expectations HERE.

IDs and RFID Dots

All students will receive an ID card with a low-frequency RFID affixed. The purpose of this transponder is for communication with our bus attendance software. The RFID will be attached to the student's district student ID.  Please leave the school ID attached to your student's backpack whether the student is a regular bus rider nor not. The transponder takes attendance automatically when a student enters or exits a bus, including field trips or activities, allowing school staff to pinpoint which bus stop a student got on/off the bus. Additionally, it allows the driver to focus on driving instead of recording attendance.